Terms & Conditions

At waysexpress.com (referred to herein as “The Company”) we are committed in developing our website constantly. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully since by entering the Site you are deemed to have accepted its Terms & Conditions. Updates of our Terms & Conditions are completed frequently, thus you should peruse these changes habitually.

1. Use of Content

The services and information provided by The Company are for your personal, non-commercial use only. The company does not make any warranties expresses or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, quality or fitness for any particular purpose or use and all such warranties are expressly excluded to the fullest extent that such warranties may be excluded by law. The information provided is only for general information and use are not intended to address you particular requirements.

2. Prices

Prices on our website may change at any time. The amount you will pay is the one shown at the checkout process at the time of the transactions.

Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) is included in all the prices shown in the website and is chargeable only for the transactions that the delivery will take place in a European Union (E.U.) member state.

3. Availability

If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you. Please note that we might ask you as to whether we can deliver a substitute product.

Although we will always try to cater for your orders, an order of large quantities of a line can only be fulfilled at the discretion of the store. For example, if you were to make an order of 20 items which would use up the entire store's stock, the store may only deliver 10 items.

4. Acceptance

There will be no contract of any kind between you and us unless and until we actually dispatch the goods to you. Your order is an offer to buy from us. Nothing that we do or say will amount to any acceptance of that offer until we actually dispatch the goods to you. At any point up until then, we may decline to supply the goods to you without giving any reason and a refund will be issued.

To ensure availability of all our products customers may be limited to a maximum number of items.

5. Delivery Rates and Procedures

5.1 Delivery within Cyprus

You can have your order delivered to your home or any other address of your choice with courier. Please allow up to 3 working days for preparation of the order andfor the delivery.

Orders could be delayed due to lack of communication between the customer and the courier company (no reply to courier telephone call, wrong telephone number provided by customer), extreme weather conditions, public strikes or bank holidays and any other circumstances out of the company’s control.

Deliveries have a shipping charge of €3.50.

6. Cancellation Policy

During your order procedure, you will be able to remove part or all of the products from your shopping cart by pressing the Delete button which is next to each of your products in your shopping cart. You will also be able to add more products or change the quantity of the products in your cart. Prior to your payment, you can still cancel the transaction and return to the screen. Your shopping cart is kept in your browser and you can change or cancel your order.

You can change any of your current orders before delivery dispatch, Monday to Saturday 9.00 - 17.00. You can do this by calling us on 70007 121 from Cyprus and on 2102241088 from Greece.

7. Change Policy
You can request a change policy sending a written notification with the relevant invoice to info@waysexpress.com Since your request is approved, you can return it to us in its original condition unopened with seals, packaging and shrink-wrap intact within 14 days from the date of delivery. According EU regulation the trader must give refund and it should be in cash not a voucher. Otherwise, it will be returned to you and you will have to take care of the shipping cost. Delivery costs regarding the purchase are charged on the customer while regarding the return are on the company. When the customer places the new order, there will be a delivery fee. Changes cannot be applied on products such as food, alcohol, sensitive or baby products. The company may decline changes without giving any reason.

8. Payment

You can pay by using any VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. The transaction will appear in your bank account as waysexpress.com

Purchase Order: When Payment is completed successfully, the name << Grand Gamma Stores Ltd >> will appear in your bank statement 

9. Legal

The transactions of the electronic commerce are based under the Law, 156(I)/2004 and 197(I)/2007 of the Republic of Cyprus.

10. Order Procedure

The order procedure in our Online Shop has the following steps:

Step 1: Shopping Cart

Choose from the main menu the product category from which you are interested in purchasing products. Select the products and add to basket the quantity you wish to buy. You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout. When you finish with your selection you can proceed to checkout and your Shopping Cart is already created. You can change or cancel your cart at this stage. If you want to proceed with the order you press button submit.

Step 2: Delivery Terms

Sign In into the system if you already have an account or create a new account. Choose the Procedure of Delivery and define if the Delivery Address will be the same with the Billing Address. When you finish press next button.

Step 3: Order Confirmation

Your order is now finalized and you can see the full analysis of total value. You should press the button of accepting the Terms & Conditions of The Company and then press Confirm in order to be forwarded to the Payment step. You will receive a confirmation email of your order after the completion of payment process.

Step 4: Payment

Please proceed with the payment of you order. Your order is considered as final and confirmed only after you finalize the payment procedures.

Step 5: Payment Confirmation

You will receive an email as a receipt of your transaction.

Step 6: Past Transaction Information

Your transaction data are accessible when you Sign In into the system. You will be able to retrieve the details of your past transactions with our website.


11. Privacy Policy

At waysexpress.com we are committed to ensuring and protecting your privacy at any time you are on our website or communicate electronically with our personnel. Our Privacy Policy is contained below and provides a detailed explanation as to how we may use your personal information provided to us or any we collect through legal means.

Updates of our Privacy Policy are completed frequently, thus you should peruse this Policy habitually.

11.1. Information We Collect from You

Data can be collected and processed when our website is in operation by you. The following are approved methods of collection:

11.1.1 If you register for information or complete a purchase, by filling out a form we can collect the information provided.
11.1.2 Traffic data, weblogs, location data, and any other communication can be collected. These details come from your visit to our site and any resource tools you use while on the site.
11.1.3 Any communication on our website or to personnel allows us to collect information.

11.2. Use of Cookies

Circumstances may arise when we may need to gather information about your computer to help provide appropriate services or products to you. The data gathered is solely statistical data, which may be shared with advertisers.
The facts collected about you are statistical only. No identifying information will be shared about our visitors and how they made use of our site. No personal details will ever be shared.
Cookies are used to collect general online usage by using a cookie file. If used this cookie file is downloaded without prompting. It will be placed on your hard drive with information transferred to the hard drive allowing the cookies to be used for data collection. A cookie is used to improve any services/ products, or overall website characteristic we offer you.
Any computer has the option to decline cookies. Your web browser options include an “enable” button to decline cookies. It is imperative that you understand by declining cookies you may be limiting your access to sections of our website.
If our advertisers use cookies it will result from a click on their advertisement, and we do not have control over their cookies if used.

11.3. Use of Your Information

Information stored and collected about you allows us to improve our services or products for you. Added to this parameter, we may use your information for the following purposes:

11.3.1 Any commitment we make on a contracted basis.
11.3.2 If information is requested from our website concerning services or products offered, we may use your data. Products or services which may be of interest to you can also deem a communication from us, if permission has been granted.
11.3.3 Notification re-changes or improvements may be sent to you in regards to product or service changes that could affect our service to you.
11.3.4 Existing customers can be contacted on the topic of goods or services related to a previous sale, if we feel you might be interested in these additional topics.
11.3.5 Added use of your data may include permission for third parties to use your data. This permission would be granted by you in regards to unrelated products or services that may be in your interests. We or third parties can only contact you in regards to this information if consent has been provided for information collection.
11.3.6 Third party contact or communications from our website, as a new customer, is only made if you have granted us permission. These communications are only offered for information you consented to and no other unrelated information.
11.3.7 Data that you do not want us to use or third parties to use can be withheld, once consent has been given regarding our collection of your data. We will always provide you with an opportunity to decline communications and our or third party data usage.
11.3.8 Identifiable data, which could be used to disclose who you are, is never shared. We only provide statistical related data about our visitors to third parties like advertisers to ensure your privacy.

11.4. Storing Your Personal Data

11.4.1 Secured servers are used by our company to ensure proper data storage. Information on transactions is kept encrypted for safety measures.
11.4.2 Transmission of data on the internet can never be ultimately secure. We do not and cannot guarantee security of information collected electronically or transmitted; however, we take all necessary steps to provide the best security available. As a result of our inability to guarantee safety, you are submitting information to us at your own risk. Where needed a password may be necessary to access areas of our site. You are responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the password you generate.

11.5. Disclosing Your Information

11.5.1 Personal information to third parties may be disclosed:
11.5.2 This disclosure occurs when we sell all or a section of our business or assets to a third party Personal information can be offered to any member of our company, such as subsidiaries, holding companies and their subsidiaries only if deemed appropriate. Legal requirements may mean a sharing of your information. Lowering credit risk and fraud protection may result in information disclosure.


11.6. Third Party Links

Links might be discovered on our site that belong to third parties. Any third party website on our site has a privacy policy. You should check their terms. We do not accept liability or responsibility for their privacy policies, based on our lack of control over these third party links.


11.7. Access to Information

The Processing of Personal Data (Protection of the Individual) Law, 138(I)/2001 gives you the right of access to any data we have about you. Contact information is given below, which should be used to gain details about information we hold on you.

11.8. WaysExpress Premium
Custumers who wish to become Premium members, are able to do so by upgrading their account online. Premium membership subscription is valid for one year and can be renewed by the customers once it expires. Premium membership fee is 50 EURO annualy. Online payments for Premium memberships are being processed to A.A. WAYS ONLINE NETWORK LTD.

12. Contacting Us

We welcome and hope you do not hesitate to make any queries, comments or requests you may have regarding the Terms & Conditions or any complaint regarding your transaction with The Company. The official language of the website, of the Terms & Conditions and of the transaction documents is the English language, but you do have the option of switching to Greek language.

Our website is operated by waysexpress.com, please contact us at contact@waysmediagroup.com or call us on 7000 7121 from Cyprus during our working hours as shown in our website www.waysexpress.com