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The steps are simple:

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...automatically earn points
Redeem your points whenever you like by subtracting their value from your basket and by filling in the corresponding field the points without spaces, comma, or dot (.)

Terms and Conditions of the "bonus system"

To take advantage of the promotion you must register as a member on waysexpress.com by creating a new account. If you are already a member of the e-shop, log in to your account, make your orders and take advantage of the offer. The participation of our customers - members of the e-shop - in the offer, has zero cost. Our customers benefit from the offer for free if they so wish.

The participation of our members in the offer implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your participation in the offer starts from your very first order, as a member of the e-shop, regardless of the amount.

For every euro of your order, you earn 8 bonus points [e.g. Ordering products with a total value of € 55, you earn instantly (55x8) 440 bonus points].

You do not need to take any action to earn points if you order by being logged in to your account. Points you earn are automatically added together with the points you have accumulated and remain available for cashout whenever you decide. You can alter the points you have earned from one or more orders in any subsequent order.

In order to redeem your points simply enter in the field: "I want to redeem points ...", the points you want to redeem and immediately learn the amount of discount you will receive in the order you just entered.) A specific mark just above will inform you of your available points. You can redeem all of your points or a fraction of them that will be deducted from all of your points. Once you have entered the necessary details for your order, enter the points you wish to cash in and click continue to deduct directly from the total final cost of your order.

The points you accrue correspond to a similar euro discount from your next orders (where you will choose to redeem them). The conversion of the winning points into Euros is done with the ratio of 1600 points, that is, in our example, you will receive 440 points (440: 1600) 0.275 €. The amounts deducted from the cost of your order are calculated by rounding up.

There is no time limit for the use of your bonus points. The only possible loss of your points is when the offer is terminated from our e-shop. Please note that the bonus points you have accumulated are never exchanged for cash, even after the offer has ceased. In the event of termination of the offer, your undrawn points are deleted and no claim is maintained for them against e-shop waysexpress.com

In the event that your order is canceled, the points corresponding to it are deducted from the total points you have accumulated if they have already been added, otherwise they are not added.

You can see your points at any time by logging in to your account by clicking on 'My Account' and then 'My Loyalty Points' to see your points

Waysexpress.com reserves the right to modify freely, unilaterally and without notice the present terms and conditions for our members to participate in the "bonussystem" offer. Only by posting on this web site is sufficient to bring into force any new terms and conditions, or modify or abolish an existing term and requirement for our members to participate in the bonus system offer.

The e-shop waysexpress.com reserves the right to cancel the offer and remove the bonus points from the member account that intervenes in the offer (or for whose account you are acting), using any mechanism, malicious or non-software, or not, capable of affecting, harming, suspending, interrupting, and generally hindering the smooth provision.

WaysExpress.com makes you win points with every purchase!


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Enjoy exclusive privileges!

With every order you win points which you can redeem whenever you like!


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  • loyality_icon4.jpg...and automatically earn points!

Redeem your points whenever you
like by subtracting their value from
your basket and by filling in the
corresponding fields the points
without any comma, spaces or dot.