WE've got everything you want.

WE Group is more than a group of companies; it is a way of leading a more complete, informed and happy lifestyle. What started as an online store for diapers has today become a fully-fledged online multistore, offering more than 100,000 products and has become a household name for everyone.

WaysExpress.com might be your go-to online destination but what WE envisioned, at a wider scale, is creating and combining experiences for our customers, which transcend the strict boundaries of online shopping. WE Group incorporates a wide array of activities, all linked back to experiencing holistically the digital - and physical- world.


letter from the CEO

WHEN WaysExpress.com was first established in 2011, our vision was to create the first online multistore in Cyprus which would enable customers to spend less and live better; an informed quality lifestyle shouldn't come with a hefty price tag but should be accessible to all; our business mission was, and still is, to democratise access to necessary and beautiful things for everyone.

WaysExpress.com is now a community of friends. We don't just sell products, we consistently seek to make people's lives better by saving them money, time and the hassle of visiting store after store to buy everything they need. Offering the best brands through over a total of 100,000+ products, we are today in a position to say that we are delivering happiness indeed.

With new ways of interaction established through social media, our WE community is growing day by day. Customers provide daily product reviews, feedback and rely on our swift response to understand and satisfy their changing needs; as life becomes more hectic and trends change on-the-go, we thought it was time to create more; and more we are doing. WE have moved into product development, WE created WE Music for an upgraded user experience, entered the fantastic world of NFTs, intensifying our charity work, opening up coffee shops and expanding into media. And that's just for now; 2022 is bound to see more and exciting developments.

It's true, WE've got everything you want.

Nicos Andronicou CEO, WE Group

Dedicated to a better lifestyle.

What we stand for


To serve our customers better, become a household name and a helping hand in going about everyday life and inspire better living by building meaningful relationships.


To deliver happiness as the leading one-stop online multistore for on-demand delivery at great value, covering a wide target audience and catering for daily and bespoke shopping needs.

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